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MindEngine is still in it's infancy and while it's list of features may seem a bit bare at the moment, it still has a long way to go before it's ready for real use. Check back from time to time (especially after releases) to see what has been added to the engine.

  • Graphic Rendering:
    • Designed to be independent of 3D implementation (Direct3D, OpenGL, Glide etc.)
    • OpenGL support with Direct3D9 on the way (fully api-independent)
    • The developer can create vertex/index buffers directly or use mesh classes
    • Automatic garbage collection for all render queue nodes
  • Platform Support:
    • Currently runs on Windows 9x/NT based machines, with *nix support on the way
    • Builds on Visual C++ 6 in Windows (will be supporting gcc soon)
    • All windowing on the specific platform is handled by the engine
    • You need only create a main() and initialize the kernel and subsystems
  • Internal Framework:
    • Intuitive, easy to use object oriented interface
    • Script driven for faster developing, more power, and flexibility
    • Engine is separated into shared libraries (e.g. mKernel.dll/so, mOpenGL.dll/so, etc.)


  • Flexable, error forgiving syntax
  • Scenes consist of hierarchical parent-child structure
  • Allows developers to program their own script functions for maximum power

MindEngine IDE:

  • Create and edit MindScripts with ease
  • Full syntax highlighting
  • Lightweight, fast, and uncumbersome interface

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